2000 Plat Maps of Newton County, MO
If you know the Township and Range of the property you are searching for click on the appropriate link to go directly to that map.  All maps are taken from the 2000 Plat Book.  Page numbers listed on the "Key" map (below) refer to the locations of the individual maps within that publication.
Twp 27N Rng34W Twp 27N Rng 33W Twp 27N Rng 32W Twp 27N Rng 31W Twp 27N Rng 30W Twp 27N Rng 29W
Twp 26N Rng 34W Twp 25N Rng 34W Twp 26N Rng 33W Twp 26N Rng 32W Twp 26N Rng 31W Twp 26N Rng 30W
Twp 26N Rng 29W Twp 25N Rng 33W Twp 25N Rng 32W Twp 25N Rng 31W Twp 25N Rng 30W Twp 25N Rng 29W
Twp 24N Rng 34W Twp 24N Rng 33W Twp 24N Rng 32W Twp 24N Rng 31W Twp 24N Rng 30W Twp 24N Rng 29W

Key Map of Newton County

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